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Reading Street

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OGPS Reading Street Resources

Resources by grade level. If you have other resources you would like to share, please see Ms. M.

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Kindergarten 1

Unit 1 | Family

Read Alouds Available in the Library

Unit 2 | Friends

Unit 3 | Wind and Water

Unit 4 | The World of Color

Read Alouds Available in the Library

Unit 5 | Shadows and Reflections

Read Alouds Available in the Library

Unit 6 | Things That Grow

Read Alouds Available in the Library

Kindergarten 2

Unit 1 | All Together Now, How do we live, work and play together?


Read Alouds Available in the Library

Week 1 | How do we get to school?

Week 2 | How do people help each other?

Week 3 | How do families cooperate?

Week 4 | How do people in a community cooperate?

Week 5 | How do people and animals work together?

Week 6 | How do machines help people work?

Unit 2 | Animals Live, Where do animals live?


Read Alouds Available in the Library

Week 1 | What is an ocean environment?

Week 2 | Who lives in an orange grove?

Week 3 | Who lives in grassland?

Week 4 | Where does a bear hibernate?

Week 5 | What kind of home does a mouse need in winter?

Week 6 | Who lives in a garden?

Unit 3 | Watch Me Change, How do people, plants and animals grow?

Unit 4 | Lets Expore, Where will our adventures take us?

Unit 5 | Going Places, How do people get from here to there?

Unit 6 | Building Our Homes, How do homes help us survive and enjoy our life?

First Grade

Kindergarten Review

Unit 1 | Animals Tame and Wild, How are people and animals important to one another?


Read Alouds Available in the Library

Week 1 | How do people take care of pets?

Week 2 | How can people help animals?

Week 3 | How can animals help people?

Week 4 | What can we learn about animals by watching them?

Week 5 | Which wild animals can we find in our neighborhood?

Week 6 | How can we help animals around the world?

Unit 2 | Communities, What is a community?


Read Alouds Available in the Library

Week 1 | What does a family do together?

Week 2 | How do we learn together at school?

Week 3 | Who makes our neighborhood a nice place to live?

Week 4 | How do animals work together to survive?

Week 5 | How do plants and animals live together?

Week 6 | How is a community of insects like a community of people?

Unit 3 | Changes, What is changing in our world?

Unit 4 | Treasures, What do we treasure?

Unit 5 | Great Ideas, What difference can a great idea make?

Second Grade

Unit 1 | Exploration, What can we learn from exploring new places and things?


Read Alouds Available in the Library

Week 1 | What might we discover in a new neighborhood?

Week 2 | Why would anyone want to explore space?
We have several books on Astronauts, Exploring Space and planets but not the exact titles listed suggestion by curriculum.

Week 3 | What can we discover by exploring nature?
None of the suggested titles but we have a large number of titles about different types of habitats and animal explorations.

Week 4 | What can we learn from exploring the desert?

Week 5 | When we are searching for answers, whom can we ask?

Unit 2 | Working Together, How can we work together?

Unit 3 | Creative Ideas, What does it mean to be creative?

Unit 4 | Our Changing World, How do things change? How do they stay the same?

Unit 5 | Responsibility, What does it mean to be responsible?

Unit 6 | Traditions, How are traditions and celebrations important to our lives?

Third Grade

Unit 1 | Dollars and Sense, When is money important and when does it affect our lives?


Read Alouds Available in the Library

Week 1 | When would hard work be the way to strike it rich?

Week 2 | How would we get what we need without money?

Week 3 | How can we use money wisely?

Week 4 |

Week 5 | How do we learn the value of money?

Unit 2 | Smart Solutions, What are smarts ways that problems are solved?

Unit 3 | People and Nature, How are people and nature connected?

Unit 4 | One of a Kind, What does it mean to be unique?

Unit 5 | Cultures, What happens when two ways of life come together?

Unit 6 | Freedom, What does it mean to be free?

Fourth Grade

Unit 1 | This Land is Your Land, How do the diverse regions and peoples in the United States reflect its greatness?

Unit 2 | Work and Play, What is the value of work and play?, How can we learn to appreciate the talents of others?

Unit 3 | Patterns in Nature, What are some patterns in nature?, How are living things connected?

Unit 4 | Puzzles and Mysteries, Can you always believe what you see?, Is there an explanation for everything?

Unit 5 | Adventures by Land, Air and Water, What makes an adventure?, What sacrifices are made to explore the unknown?

Unit 6 | Reaching for Goals, What does it take to achieve our goals and dreams?

Fifth Grade

Unit 1 | Meeting Challenges, What kinds of challenges do people face and how do they meet them?


Read Alouds

Week 1 | How do we meet the challenges of Learning?

Week 2 | How can nature challenge us?

Week 3 | How do people survive in the wilderness?

Week 4 | How do we face personal challenges?

Week 5 | What challenges do immigrants encounter?

  • Superfudge | Alternate Suggestion by Ms. M - Available in the Library

Week 6 |

Unit 2 | Doing the Right Thing, What makes people want to do the right thing?

Unit 3 | Inventors and Artists, What do people gain from the work of inventors and artists?

Unit 4 | Adapting, How do people and animals adapt to different situations?

Unit 5 | Adventures, Who goes seeking adventure and why?

Unit 6 | The Unexepected, What can we learn from encounters with the unexpected?